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              Huawei Funded ICT Competition Starts in Ethiopia

              huawei-logoThe Sixth Global ICT Competition in Ethiopia, funded by Chinese technological giant Huawei, was launched yesterday, May 26, 2021. The competition is hoped to exhibit highly innovative ideas from a thousand student participants. Huawei will provide the winners of the competition an opportunity to take part in the Global Final 2022 competition in China, representing Ethiopia as a team, in addition to the awards they receive.

              Comprehensive theoretical understanding, hands-on practical ability, innovative technology application, and design capabilities, and business thinking are all factors in selecting the winners of the competition, Huawei stated. The winner will be selected via pure machine scoring as well as jury scoring for different tracks.

              The winner of the National Round will be awarded Huawei electronics including mobile phones, tablets, and sports wearables. Moreover, the top winner from each track will team up and represent Ethiopia at the regional final and compete to win the ticket to the global final held in China, Huawei announced.

              Ji Hui, Huawei Ethiopia Regional Vice President, speaking on the launching of the event, said, “As Ethiopia is at the dawn of digital revolution, ICT talent becomes the key assets of the economy. Huawei will tightly align with the Digital Ethiopia 2025 strategy and contribute to talent cultivation. The ICT competition is the manifestation of it.”

              The Huawei ICT Competition bases on Huawei products and technologies, and aims to bring both knowledge and innovation competition into the field of ICT. 

              The Sixth ICT competition project is set to bring together 170,000 students to be teamed up in 130 groups, after passing their respective national and regional competitions. In Ethiopia, Huawei partners with 38 universities to involve the most talented students from each institute. 

              Since 2015, the Huawei ICT Competition attracted more than 350,000 students from 2,000 universities in 70 countries, Huawei related.


              Source: The Ethiopian Herald


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