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              Ethio Telecom Launches 4G LTE Advanced Service in Eastern Ethiopia

              ethio-telecom-eastern-ethiopiaEthio Telecom, expanding its reach of the 4G LTE network, announced it has now launched the service in eastern Ethiopia. The service has been specifically launched in the Eastern cities of Dire Dawa, Chiro, and Ayisha.

              The advanced 4G LTE network will enable Ethio Telecom customers to enjoy reliable data service with better speed and bandwidth, the company said in a statement. This will in turn help customers digitize their services, improve their productivity, and enhance their overall telecom service experience, Ethio Telecom pointed out.

              Ethio Telecom plans to continue expanding its 4G LTE reach to other cities in other regions of Ethiopia.


              Source: Ethio Telecom website

              Image Source: Ethio Telecom (Twitter)


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