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  • Ethiopian PM Hosts Fundraiser Dinner for Beautifying Addis

    404Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed hosted the “Dine for Sheger” event at the National Palace last night. The event is a fundraising effort to the Beautifying Sheger Project, announced at the end of February this year, calling upon benefactors, both individuals and organizations, to contribute 5 million birr per seat to secure a spot at the event.

    The Beautifying Sheger Project, a three-year initiative of the prime minister, aims to transform 56-kilometers long river banks of the rivers of Addis Ababa, running all the way from Entoto to Akaki, into green spaces with spectacular parks.

    Two hundred participants have been present at the dinner gala, it was learnt. These will also get a plaque with their name on it at a location along the 56 km long project route, once completed; and their private photo-op with PM Abiy will be be compiled into a photo album of “individuals who changed the face of Addis Ababa.” The Chinese government has pledged to develop 12 kilometers of the 56.

    The Beautifying Sheger Project, which will take three years, has an estimated cost of 29 billion birr. The Dine for Sheger event has put in 1.27 billion birr of it.

    Sources: Office of the Prime Minister - Ethiopia, ENA

    Image Source: Office of the Prime Minister


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