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  • Latest Business Alerts

    Ethiopia's Meskel Square - Addis Ababa City Hall Refurbishment Project Inaugurated

    meskel-square-renovatedPrime Minister Abiy Ahmed, along with Addis Ababa city Deputy Mayor Adanech Abiebie and other senior government officials, has inaugurated the grand Meskel Square-Addis Ababa City Hall project. Part of the Beautifying Sheger initiative, the project is built at a cost of 2.6 billion birr.

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    Printing Plant Worth Over $32 Mn Inaugurated in Ethiopia

    melba-printingMelba Printing, Publishing and Packaging plant, a printing and packaging factory built at a cost of over $32 million (1.4 billion birr), has been inaugurated. The plant has a capacity of producing over 138,000 books a day, 50 million a year. The plant is located in the town of Gelan, in Ethiopia's Oromia region.

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