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  • Starting A Business

    Ethiopia is ranked 159th out of 190 countries on doing business index in 2019. Small and Medium businesses are springing up everywhere in Addis Ababa, the capital and financial city of Ethiopia and in other regions as well. We have brought together some articles that might help potential business starters in following regulations and procedures so that they could avoid any trouble later. 2merkato.com is a business gateway to Ethiopia that has more or less all the required information on regulations and procedures one needs while starting business in Ethiopia or with Ethiopians.

    You can find links to the articles below.

    Exchange Rates

    USD 44.4268  43.5557 
    GBP 58.9149  57.7597 
    EUR 52.8502  51.8139 
    CHF 46.0970  45.1931 
    CAD 32.4636  31.8271 
    AED 10.9346  10.7300