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  • About 2Merkato.com


    2Merkato? has been set up by eCom Advertising (incorporated as Ebiz Online Solutions PLC in 2014) to provide integrated information on Ethiopian business. As a shopper has to find a smart route and good guide to go to Merkato (hence the name tomerkato) and shop there, 2Merkato  will serve as a smart route and good guide to business in Ethiopia. It contains virtually every important information a businessperson or a potential investor needs while doing business in Ethiopia or trading with businesses located in Ethiopia. The information is provided in easy to navigate formats and contains the regulations, procedures, incentives and statistics of Business Startup in Ethiopia, Investment in Ethiopia, Import to Ethiopia, Export from Ethiopia, Shipping, Ethiopian Tax System and Ethiopian Customs. 2Merkato also serves as a launch pad for people who want to start business in Ethiopia.

    In addition to these entries, we have some dynamic features that serve the local and international business community:

    • Business Directory: the directory contains the addresses of more than 7000 businesses
    • Daily updated tender notices and ads: from major newspapers and also posted by users
    • Ethiopian Business News: recognised by Google News as an Ethiopian News source
    • Daily updated Foreign Exchange Information


    Our goal is to be a dependable, accurate, frequently updated source of Ethiopian business information in such a way that every business owner and executive in Ethiopia knows and uses 2merkato.com.

    A company that wishes to advertize its business on the website can contact us or check this. If you wish to access our tender ads/notices fully, you can go to http://tender.2merkato.com or call us at the adress mentioned below.

    eCom Advertising was established as per Ethiopian Laws in February 2009. It's been incorporated as Ebiz Online Solutions PLC in December 2013/January 2014. It’s located in Addis Ababa at the following address:

    The 2merkato Team
    Mega Building (Bole Road), 4th floor, Office No. 413
    Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

    Phone: +251 11 5548939 
    Fax: +251 11 5540692
    Mobile: +251 91 1197478, +251 93 0105437 (Support Line)
    Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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    Business License

    Addis Ababa City Administration Trade and Industrial Development Bureau, Kirkos Subcity

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    Ethiopian Intellectual Property Office

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    Ethiopian Broadcasting Authority

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    CAD 32.7313  32.0895 
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